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National Diploma in Groupwork Practice

The IGA Diploma in Groupwork Practice is a further one-year course building upon the Foundation Course in Group Analysis. This course offers an advanced introduction to the Group Analytic approach to general group work as it is currently practised in social, health care and educational settings. It is aimed towards the development and application of the theoretical knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to successfully facilitate a wide range of group work approaches.

Entry Requirements

  • Completion of an IGA accredited Foundation Course, or equivalent

  • A first degree or satisfactory completion of an assessed essay

  • Block Courses require students to join a therapy group on the block weekend: this is included in the fees

  • The IGA Diploma level is a University Postgraduate Certificate (or the first year of a postgraduate Masters). Students on termly courses are not required to be in personal therapy; however, they are advised to join an experiential or analytic psychotherapy group. Students on weekly courses intending to progress to the National Qualifying Course will need to join a twice weekly group for personal therapy. Prospective students who wish to be considered for entry on an IGA Diploma Course without having completed an IGA Foundation Course are invited to submit a written application.

Please see criteria below: