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"a centre of excellence..."
"It is probably the most outward looking of all UKCP trainings..."   - UKCP 

Training Courses

Open Work Space

Open days

The IGA Open Days / Evenings offer an opportunity to find out more about the various training courses we provide. 

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Introductory weekend

This innovative weekend training offers you the opportunity to experience how you may benefit from group analysis and what a training course at the IGA may offer to you. 

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Foundation Weekends

The Foundation Weekend in Reflective Practice in Organisations (RPIO), offers an introduction to the group analytic approach to working with teams and leaders in organisations.


The IGA Foundation Course gives students the choice to join the course as a standalone, or as the prerequisite for the IGA Diploma in Groupwork Practice and the Qualifying Course in Group Analysis

Foundation Courses


The IGA Diploma in Groupwork Practice offers an advanced introduction to the Group Analytic approach to general group work.

Diploma Courses

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This long standing and highly respected course aims to provide students with a fundamental understanding of Group Analytic theory and practice that will enable them to become practising Group Analysts.

Qualifying courses

Graduation Handshake

The primary purpose of supervision is to throw light on the therapeutic relationship; its secondary purpose is to enhance the
      student’s skills as a therapist.

 Diploma in Supervision

Therapy Session

The course provides theoretical seminars that includes a large group experience of reflective practice by the course community, and an on-going supervision group of peers.

Diploma in Reflective Practice in Organisations

Professional Woman

IGA Approved courses

 IGA Approved Courses

Support Group

tIGA Consulting

The Institute of Group Analysis is pleased to offer bespoke training for organisations and staff teams working in the public, charitable, NGO and business sectors.

The IGA provides a thorough, rigorous and life enhancing range of opportunities for training and personal development


The IGA is a member of The European Group Analytic Training Network (EGATIN) which accredits group analytic training institutes and sets standards for group analytic trainings internationally. EGATIN has 30 institutes with Full membership, 7 with Introductory or Intermediate status, a few dedicated individual members and some who have been awarded honorary status to acknowledge their contribution to EGATIN. Institutes can become full members when, as we do, they meet all of EGATIN’s “essential standards”.

Every year EGATIN provides a one-and-a-half-day workshop, its “Study Days”. The Study Days are hosted by a different member institute each year; further information about EGATIN and details of the Study Days can be found at:

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