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About IGA

The IGA was founded in 1971 by Dr S H Foulkes and a group of colleagues to provide clinical training in Group Analytic Psychotherapy.

What Is Group Analysis?


Group Analysis is a form of psychotherapy by the group, of the group, including the group therapist/conductor. It aims to achieve a healthier integration within the individual and in their network of relationships. 

Focusing on the relationship between the individual and the group places emphasis on the essentially social nature of human experience. It is an interactive approach and as well as provision of psychotherapy it has many applications in the fields of human relations, teaching, training, work groups and organisational consultancy.


“The theory and method of group analysis is concerned with a dynamic understanding of the inner working of the human mind as a social, multi-personal phenomenon” (Foulkes 1975) and as such can be applied to groups, individuals, couples, families and applied groups.

What is Group Analysis

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