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Quarterly Meeting for Members And Colleagues (QMMAC)

Updated: Jan 10

Friday 24th February 2023, 9.30am – 4.00pm

Please note this is a virtual meeting via Zoom Under the surface. Unconscious processes in helping institutions

We are honored to welcome Joanna Skowrońska, a group analyst from Poland, to this online meeting. She will share her work and thinking around unconscious dynamics in organisations which focus on supporting others.

Come and join us in this rare opportunity to get the perspective of a group analyst from a different cultural context, where an understanding of the importance of thinking about dynamics in groups is well established.

Joanna will present a way of thinking about the processes taking place in institutions, derived from the group-analytical approach. The importance of mirroring between people will be emphasized, which, both in development and adult life, can be an important element of communication, but in situations of stress and pressure that often accompany work today, can lead to the spread of unconscious dysfunctional beliefs, fantasies and myths conditioning the way people make contact and work. In the group-analytical approach communication is of particular importance. “Fixing” the way we communicate so that we can explore reality and address the full spectrum of topics relevant to a given group of people is a way of “fixing” the organization itself.

She will present examples from the literature and her practice, enabling participants to explore the hidden, unconscious life of helping institutions, thus increasing their sensitivity and ability to recognize defensive mechanisms in reality. Joanna Skowrońska is a training group analyst, supervisor, and teacher at the Institute of Group Analysis „ Rasztów”, Warsaw. Joanna runs small analytic groups in private practice and staff support groups for health institutions as well as offering individual and family psychotherapy. She has published both in Polish and in English.

QMMAC offers the exciting opportunity to meet colleagues and students from group analysis, psychoanalysis, and related professional fields for a shared experience of large group work and presentations relevant to working in psychotherapy. This quarterly meeting provides an enjoyable and supportive space for thinking, dialogue, and learning. The regular meetings aim to reduce feelings of professional isolation, stimulate creative discussion, and develop a sense of community among those involved in psychodynamic work. Through shared learning and dialogue, we grow stronger and more confident about our work and its place in the psychotherapeutic milieu.

This event is suitable for past and present trainees in group analysis (at any level), group analysts, individual psychoanalysts, and colleagues in other fields.

QMMAC Flyer - 24th Februrary 2023
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