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Foundation Weekend: Reflective Practice in Organisations

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25th November 2023 26th November 2023 Arrival time: 9:15am Arrival time: 10:00am Finish time: 17:00pm Finish time: 15:30pm Time Zone BST

Venue: 1 Daleham Garden, NW3 5BY

The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented upheaval and disruption. It has led to ongoing uncertainty and insecurity for many people and organisations. It has highlighted the fact that we live in an interdependent world where factors affecting our lives are not directly within our control. Many organisations feel under threat and are struggling for economic survival. Many workers feel at the edge of being burnt out and exhausted. Increasing numbers of people are working remotely and having to balance care for family with the demands of work. The boundary between what is personal and what is professional has become blurred. It can be difficult to feel part of a team when one is not physically present.

Reflective spaces to manage these anxieties are more important