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Diploma in Reflective Practice in Organisations

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A two-part training in working reflectively with teams in organisations

1. Foundation Weekend in Reflective Practice in Organisations which offer access to the diploma course. 2. Diploma in Reflective Practice in Organisations, leading to Associate Membership of the Institute of Group Analysis.

Course Director Jo Joyce

Venue: 1 Daleham Garden, NW3 5BY

Team and organisational effectiveness are not simply about the allocation and completion of agreed tasks; it is also about sustaining a team culture that promotes open communication, creativity, mutual support and challenge. A reflective practice group is a deliberately created space for the development of such. Group Analysis is an internationally established discipline. It articulates fundamental processes which can be observed in all groups of people, and pays close attention to the relationship between each individual in the group and the group as a whole, making it a particularly valuable model for working with teams and reflective practice groups.

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