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Diploma in Reflective Practice in Organisations

Updated: May 24


A two-part training in working reflectively with teams in organisations

1. Foundation Weekend in Reflective Practice in Organisations which offer access to the diploma course. 2. Diploma in Reflective Practice in Organisations, leading to Associate Membership of the Institute of Group Analysis.

Course Director: Jo Joyce

Venue: 1 Daleham Garden, NW3 5BY

Team and organisational effectiveness are not simply about the allocation and completion of agreed tasks; it is also about sustaining a team culture that promotes open communication, creativity, mutual support and challenge. A reflective practice group is a deliberately created space for the development of such. Group Analysis is an internationally established discipline. It articulates fundamental processes which can be observed in all groups of people, and pays close attention to the relationship between each individual in the group and the group as a whole, making it a particularly valuable model for working with teams and reflective practice groups.

The IGA has an international reputation in understanding and working with group dynamics and processes. It offers a rigorous and practice-based training in conducting Reflective Practice Groups and working with teams in an organisational context. This diploma training is relevant to all who work with teams, or who conduct groups promoting reflection and dialogue.

Who is the course for?

Organisations are complex structures with associated dynamics that can be challenging to work with. The course is open to anyone with an interest in reflective practice in an organisational setting. It will be especially useful for people working with teams, this may be as a manager, a reflective practitioner, a coach, or organisational consultant. It will be of particularly use to people who are running a reflective practice group, or who wish to set up such a group.

What are the entry requirements?

The Foundation Weekend is open to anyone with an interest in reflective practice in the workplace.

For the Diploma Course we ask that people have experience of working with teams or leading teams and organisations, that people are psychologically, systemically or sociologically orientated in their professional practice. The entry requirements are:

o Completion of the Foundation Weekend

o A recognised qualification in a psychological, systemic, psychosocial or related field

o • Three years’ post qualifying experience, or extensive demonstrable experience with groups and/or teams.

We aim to work across the public, private and voluntary sector and are open to applicants with experience in these fields. Group analysis places emphasis on the value of a variety of perspectives, and so this course welcomes applications from professionals with a variety of backgrounds and theoretical orientations. What does the course provide? The Foundation Weekend provides an experiential and theoretical introduction to reflective practice. A CPD certificate is provided. For further information and application to the weekend, please visit the Foundation Weekend page.

The Diploma Course provides a rigorous theoretical, practical and experiential training in conducting reflective practice groups and other team interventions in organisational settings across the sectors. Diploma participants are required to run a reflective practice group under supervision, study a range of concepts related to reflective practice with teams and groups and participate in their own learning community reflective practice group comprising course members and staff. There are opportunities for further supervision after the course.

What will I be able to do when I have completed the diploma course? On successful completion of the course, you will:

o Understand the complexity of the reflective practice task with teams in organisations

o Apply a group analytic multi-perspective lens to understanding team and group dynamics

o Be equipped to present a rationale for reflective practice interventions to commissioners, sponsors and service managers

o Contract effectively to set up a reflective practice group and apply dynamic administration principles, including clarifying purpose, framework, membership, context, expectations and logistics

o Work with awareness of the conscious and unconscious, of the organisational dynamics and parallel processes

o Enable a holding environment for supportive and challenging conversations

o Be aware of different modalities and interventions for working with teams

o Have means to evaluate the effectiveness of your reflective practice groups

How will my progress be assessed on the diploma course?

You will make use of your supervision group to aid your development as a practitioner. At the end of the year your supervisor will work with you to formulate your learning and produce a report to reflect this. You will need to complete 30 hours of supervised practice. You will submit two essays, the first demonstrating use of theory in practice, and the second describing your practice development through the integration of theoretical learning, group participation and supervised practice. Accreditation Participants successfully completing the course will be accredited by the IGA with a Diploma in Reflective Practice in Organisations. Graduates are also eligible to apply for Associate membership of the Institute of Group Analysis.

Course dates: Diploma Course 2nd March 2024

13th April 2024

25th May 2024

6th July 2024

14th September 2024

26th October 2024

7th December 2024

January 2025 - To be confirmed Diploma Course Fees: Interview fee: £177.00

Diploma Course Fee IGA Members: £2,768.00

Non-members: £2,879.00 Standard fee deadline: 23rd December 2023 Contacts:

To Apply:

Register for the prerequisite course the Foundation Weekend here. Please note that early booking is advised as places often fill early.

The closing date for the RPiO Diploma is 16th February 2024.

For the Diploma Course, download and complete an application form and return it to the course administrator via scan and email to

RPiO Application Form 2024
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