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Diploma in Groupwork Practice (Glasgow)

Updated: Apr 10

The Course

This one-year Diploma course follows on from the Foundation Course. It can be a further stand-alone course or it can be considered as Year 2 of the Group Analytic Qualifying Course, should successful students wish to apply for further training with the IGA.

Group Analysis is a powerful therapeutic medium that focuses on the relationship between the individual and the group, emphasising the social nature of the human experience.

This is an advanced introduction to the theory and practice of group work, which can lead to Group Work Practitioner Status and Associate Membership of the IGA. It is also a compulsory entry requirement for full training as a Group Analyst.

Diploma Entry requirements:

  • IGA Foundation Course or equivalent training

  • 1st degree or entry essay

  • Set up and convene a group to present at the Work Reflection Group (WRG) (type of group to be agreed with the Course Convenor)

  • Pre-course discussion with members of the Training Committee.

Types of groups suitable to meet course requirements.

A wide range of groups are acceptable for the purposes of the Diploma. Groups may take place in, for example, health, social care, community and in the wider spectrum of workplace settings. The suitability of the group should be discussed with the Course Convenor before applying for the course. Some of the issues to be considered will include the frequency of the group, stability of the membership, the nature of the student’s role within the group and ethical issues.

Structure of Work Reflection Group (WRG)

The WRG typically consists of up to 6 students and a supervisor. Students take turns to present their work with the group that they have chosen to run, and this is discussed by the WRG from a group analytic perspective. Time is allowed for reflection on the process of the WRG itself. There is typically a minimum of 5 hours per student over the year for presentation and assessment.

National Learning Experience

This three-day event will provide an opportunity to explore some areas of the curriculum in greater depth and provide an extended experience of working together in various groups with students from across the country, (venue and date TBC usually end of April).


° 1 trial essay

° 2 essays - 1 theoretical, 1 reflective practice

° Work Reflection Group Supervisor’s report

° Workplace Supervisor's report where relevant

Personal Therapy

Personal therapy within an analytic psychotherapy group is a requirement of the course and is incorporated within the course weekends and included in the fees.

Course Details

September 6-8th 2024

October 4-6th 2024

November 1-3rd 2024

December 6-8th 2024

January 10-12th 2025

January 31st  - February 2nd 2025 

February 28th - March 1-2nd 2025

4-6th  April 2025

May 2-4th 2025

June 6-8th 2025

Course Fee

Early Bird Fee: £5,750.00

(Available for registrants who pay before 27/06/23)

Standard Fee: £5,850.00  Registration fee included in course fee;non-refundable


Registration fee: £250 (included in course fee and non-refundable)

Download and complete the application form:

and return it to Kike Adegbola Senior Training

Glasgow Diploma Application 24-25
Download DOCX • 566KB

2024-5 FLYER IGA Scotland Diploma in Groupwork Practice (Glasgow)
Download DOCX • 67KB

Deadline for applications: 27th June 2024


Catherine Dunnet, Glasgow Courses Convenor:


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