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The Marisa Dillon Weston Bursary Fund (Scotland)

Marisa Dillon Weston, M.A., (1940 - 2008) was an IGA Group Analyst with a true passion for group work and Group Analytic principles. She qualified as a member of the IGA in 1989 and of the BAP in 1997. She published a number of papers and received the Lady Balogh prize in 1998. She trained Group Analysts in Bologna, Italy (she was a mother-tongue Italian speaker), and later in Glasgow. She worked as an individual and group analyst in London.

The Marisa Dillon Weston Bursary was set up in 2009 by her husband Michael Dillon Weston and her son Stephen Dillon Weston in memory of their wife and mother Marisa Dillon Weston.

A large number of Marisa’s books relevant to Group Analysis were also donated to the IGA by her family to create a library intended to support trainees in Group Analysis in Scotland. The library was initially based in Glasgow and then later transferred to Aberdeen. A space in the Royal Cornhill Hospital is designated uniquely to this library.

WHO can apply:        
Applicants must either have secured a place, or have applied for a place, on the IGA’s Scotland Foundation course in the UK.

HOW and WHEN to apply:

Applications must be submitted to the Senior Training Co-ordinator  at by 30/06/2023 using the form below: 

Applications will then be reviewed by the IGA’s Bursary Committee which will make recommendations to the Finance Committee and their recommendations taken to the Board of Trustees. We will aim to inform applicants of the outcome of their applications as soon as possible.

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