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Soul Matters: Therapists Share Their Many Paths

What spiritual practices & philosophies do our patients bring?

How much do we know, or actively inquire, about them?

What do we bring?



In this innovative workshop, 8 speakers talk briefly but personally about religious identifications, spiritual paths, philosophies of life, and invite the audience to share likewise, without seeking to reduce or explain such beliefs away. Instead, we invite deeper & wider contact with this often-overlooked dimension.

Linda Mary Edwards is a Jungian analyst & group analyst & ordained Anglican priest (in the Church in Wales).


Martin Weegmann is a clinical psychologist, group analyst, and writer, working in the NHS.



9:20am - Registration

9:50am - Welcome & spirit of the day


Linda-Mary Edwards - ‘You make known to me the path of life’- a Christian view

Jeremy Holmes - Psychotherapist/Psychiatrist, A secular spirituality

Zaynab Al-Khoee - Psychologist. Islam & positivity- a journey back to hope

Boris Savic - Psychologist, ‘Trusting that One Thing’


11:15am - Break 11:45am


Martin Weegmann - Finding a home in humanism

Philippe Jacquet - Jungian Analyst. Meditation, Buddhism, and levitation!

Elliot Cohen - Psychologist/Lecturer, Immersed in the Dao

Cynthia Nebo - Psychologist. ‘Young, Black, & - Catholic?!’ The miracle of encounter


1:00pm - Lunch


2:00pm - 3:15pm Semi-structured speaker-audience discussion


3:15pm - Break


3:35pm - 4:30pm Large Group Dialogue, including, 15 minutes group silence.


Workshop fees

IGA Students, £55

IGA Members, £65 Public: £75

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