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Vivienne Cohen Bursary Fund

Vivienne Cohen Bursary Fund 2023 – 2028 

We are delighted to announce the introduction of the Vivienne Cohen Bursary Fund. The fund has been established thanks to the generosity of her children, Elisheva and Michael, with the aim to support applicants preferably from the public sector who would otherwise be unable to undertake the full clinical training.

Vivienne Cohen was a visionary, award-winning psychiatrist at the forefront of the developing fields of National Health Service (NHS) psychotherapy and group analytic treatments.  A talented protégé of the pioneering psychoanalyst and military psychiatrist S.H. Foulkes, and the first female doctor to train in group therapy, she was a founder member of the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) and developed one of the earliest out-patient psychotherapy departments, establishing creative links between the NHS and IGA that remain today. Her passion for training doctors and allied professionals earned her an international reputation as a teacher and Supervisor.

Vivienne Cohen is remembered for the remarkable woman she was.  Her extraordinary and pioneering contribution to Group Analysis includes, alongside many achievements, finding with the support of Adele Mittwoch and managing the purchase of the fine building that is home to the Institute of Group Analysis in Daleham Gardens. A building that has been and still is, a very special home for many who trained there and those who visited from trainings in UK and overseas and also called it home.

WHO can apply:
Vivienne Cohen Bursary is awarded to a trainee on Qualifying Course who preferably are actively involved in the public sector.
Applicants must either have secured a place, or have applied for a place, on the IGA’s Qualifying Courses in  London.

HOW and WHEN to apply:
Applications must be submitted to  using the form below by 30th June 2023

Bursary award:
Up to £2,000 per applicant.

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