Quarterly Meeting for Members and Colleagues

Quarterly Meeting for Members and Colleagues for professional contact, dialogue and development (QMMAC)


Friday 6th September 2019, 9.30 am – 4.00 pm
Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House, central Edinburgh

Fee: £30 (£15 for IGA Students)


Sue Lieberman will discuss the question of “invisible baggage” – that what immigrants bring with them is often invisible and inaudible to their children, and that the consequently lost personal histories might significantly affect subsequent generations.

When Sue Lieberman was interviewing ‘ordinary Jews’ for her book After Genocide, she discovered that amongst Jews descended from the big migration west from Tsarist Russia between 1880 & 1914 there was an unvarying and shared legacy of silent and lost memory. Since then, she has traced the possible impact subsequently of her immigrant grandparents’ silence in her extended family.

Sue Lieberman is a Group Analytic psychotherapist, now retired from clinical practice but still active as a supervisor and leadership coach. Since After Genocide was published in 2015, she has written and published several papers on the themes of memory, and the ongoing impact of the Holocaust.

QMMAC offers the exciting opportunity to meet colleagues and students from group analysis, psychoanalysis and related professional fields for a shared experience of large group work and presentations relevant to working in psychotherapy.

This quarterly meeting provides an enjoyable and supportive space for thinking, dialogue and learning. The regular meetings aim to reduce feelings of professional isolation, stimulate creative discussion and develop a sense of community among those involved in psychodynamic work.

Through shared learning and dialogue, we grow stronger and more confident about our work and its place in the psychotherapeutic milieu.

Suitable for past and present trainees in group analysis (at any level), group analysts, individual analysts and colleagues in other fields with an interest in groups.  

Standard Workshop Programme

09.30 Registration
10.00 Large group
11.30 Break
11.50 Presentation
13.15 Notices
13.25 Lunch (provided)
14.30 Large Group
16.00 End

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