The Impersonal Group: An Introduction to Contemplative Group Dynamics

    with Jale Cilasun & Lawrence Ladden

    Date TBC - Spring 2017

    Institute of Group Analysis
    1 Daleham Gardens, London NW3 5BY


    Attention is a common factor of any change process. To alter a pattern, whether individual or group we have to meet it in attention.  When the energy of the pattern is stronger than the energy in attention the pattern dominates.

    Contemplative Group Dynamics is a group mindfulness practice that clarifies the interdependent relationship between individual and group attention. The method suspends our sedimented patterns of sociality and personality within a non-conceptual knowing. This knowing is present prior to the designations of individual, group and relationship. While simple the method, like individual mindfulness, challenges our habitual way of not attending to the here-and-now. By sequentially attending to body sensation, feeling, mental events, and experience (the four foundations of mindfulness) members cultivate stronger individual and group attention. The fuel for such attention is the transformation of our habitual and often personalised views of the body and the group. Members grapple with the pressure to stay in the already known at the expense of discovering something new. The structure of the training alternates periods of silence and speech helping to gradually acquaint one with this vast and impersonal space of awareness which belongs to no one and yet to everyone.


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    Public                                                  £239 / £265


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    Lawrence J. Ladden, PhD, CPsychol. is a Clinical and Health Psychologist in private practice. He teaches mindfulness at the LOC (Leaders in Oncology Care).  He served as a senior instructor with the Penn Program for Mindfulness of the University of Pennsylvania Health Care System in the United States from 1998 until 2013. Lawrence has practiced mindfulness since 1974 and has formally trained and worked with groups since 1981.

    Jale Cilasun, BM, MRCPsych. is a Consultant Psychiatrist, Medical Psychotherapist at South West London and St. George’s NHS Trust, London, since 2001 where she also serves as the Training Programme Director in Medical Psychotherapy Specialists Training. She is a group analyst, with training responsibilities at the Institute of Group Analysis, London. She incorporates mindfulness practice into her clinical team work.

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