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Join-the-Debate@IGA is forum that combines an exciting fusion of the arts with debate on current affairs. Each event will have a different theme but a common factor is that the group discussion will be facilitated by IGA Group Analysts. Events may include film screenings, art exhibitions and even plays. 

See below for information on upcoming and previous events in this series.




An Evening with Raphael Behr

Friday 20th April 2018, from 6.30 PM 
Institute of Group Analysis, London NW3 5BY

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Previous Join-the-Debate@IGA and what people said about it:

Transitions with Margot Schiemann

Transitions from Margot Schiemann on Vimeo.

"Engaging and poignant, A good idea throughout."

"I thought the event was well thought out and well structured."

"Enjoyable and stimulating."

"John Schlapobersky was an excellent group conductor. It was an unusual and interesting event. I would go to another."

"As a first generation Jewish Holocaust survivor it was refreshing and most welcome to hear how first generation perpetrator survivors have been impacted."

"While recognising that the documentary was produced to 'capture the empathy of viewers' this did not sacrifice the authenticity of all - including Sands"

"It was mind-stretching and delightful. Spot on!"

"Very powerful and still relevant today."

“I found myself thinking about and developing the thoughts introduced at the event for many days afterwards. It also prompted me to look up further information about the topic of 'integrated complexity'.”

“Stimulating, interesting, thought provoking space for my thoughts with others with similar interests.”

“I enjoyed the presentation and discussion and the whole event was managed very well.”

“Very relevant topic. Loved the large group. Very stimulating evening.”

“Having come a little anxious that there might be a particular PC way of thinking about extremism I was relieved to find, through the large group especially, that it was possible to have a wide-ranging discussion about this highly charged topic which left me enthused about carrying on trying to think widely and openly and re-invigorated my enthusiasm for group analytic thinking. Thank you.”


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“Excellent event and highly relevant and enlightening for those concerned with societal and more specifically group dynamics.”

“Very powerful and thought provoking”

“Stimulating and very emotional, current and provocative issues. I was touched deeply.”

“A completely vital film. A difficult subject researched processed and presented in a very sensitive manner.”

"It was an interesting and engaging evening. I enjoyed hearing a variety of opinions and learning from the speakers. Not a bad way to spend a Friday evening!"

"It was interesting to have a forum of people from such varied backgrounds, bringing forward opinions and ideas from lived experience, work at grass-roots and organisational levels along with the psychoanalytic stance."

"Enlightening event hosted in a considered and considerate manner given the complexity of the subject matter - much appreciated for the kind welcome given especially given it was the first introduction to IGA."

"The workshop provided the opportunity to think about the effect of homelessness not only on those who are physically homeless but the people who work with them. It enabled participants to air their anxieties about working with this highly marginalised client group and think about ways of working that are respectful and avoid being patronising."


Transitions with Margot Schiemann

Friday 2nd February 2018, from 6.30 PM 
Institute of Group Analysis, London NW3 5BY


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