National Intensive Learning Experience 2013

    ILE Staff:
    Peter Wilson, Sarah Tucker, Sharon Hannah, Christoper Davies
    Alison Lumsden, Linde Wotton, Angela Douglas, Sally King

    The Intensive Learning Experience is an annual national event led by eminent group analysts, which includes a series of lectures and discussion seminars as well as opportunities for experiential learning. This event provides the opportunity for students from across the IGA trainings to develop their membership of the wider national IGA community. The location of the ILE rotates around the various IGA training centres. The ILE is an integral part of the Diploma in GWP course.




    Graduation 8th February 2013

    1 Daleham Gardens saw the Graduation of London Qualifying Course and Supervision Course students on 8. February 2013. With over 70 members, friends and family there was quite a buzz as we celebrated the achievement of graduates who had successfully completed on the one hand, the long and rigorous qualifying course – weathering the storms of challenging intellectual material, running training groups under two sets of supervision, writing dissertations and theory papers and trying to make sense of it all and of the impact on their lives in their personal therapy groups and on the other, the supervision course with the trials and tribulations but also triumphs of Skype supervision, the high quality teaching and the invaluable support of the supervision groups. Many congratulations to our new graduates and sincere thanks to the staff, friends and family who have supported them through these trainings. We hope to see many of the new members taking up roles within the IGA – welcome!

    Linde Wotton, London Courses Director


    Qualifying Course Graduates 2012

    Marion Brown, IGA Chair of the Board of Trustees

    Training in Group Supervision Graduates 2012

    Margaret Smith, Diploma in Supervision Course Convenor


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