National Qualifying Course in Group Analysis

Aims of the Course
This long standing and highly respected course aims to provide students with a fundamental understanding of Group Analytic theory and practice that will enable them to become practising Group Analysts.  The course aims to help students develop a critical and enquiring mind towards psychoanalytic and social theory.These aims are achieved through the tri-partite structure of clinical and theoretical learning; supervised clinical practice and twice weekly or block Group Analysis.  This course is the same level as a University Postgraduate Masters.

 ‘The programme is coherent and well designed’ 

Sasha Roseneil, External Examiner Qualifying Course, Professor and Executive Dean, University of Essex

 Entry Requirements
  • Completion of an IGA accredited Foundation Course, or equivalent 
  • Students must be in therapy group (block or twice weekly) with an IGA Training Group Analyst for 6 months prior to application
  • Successful completion of Diploma in Group Work Practice
  • Panel interview
  • Satisfactory psychiatric report

*Learning Outcomes
  • Knowledge of the history and applications of group analytic and psychoanalytic theory
  • Advanced knowledge of human and relational development from a psychosocial and psychoanalytic perspective
  • Knowledge of the clinical applications of Group Analysis
  • Capacity to understand, reproduce and critically evaluate Group Analytic and psychoanalytic theory
  • Capacity to consider the clinical applications of Group Analytic theory in the light of evidence
  • Capacity to use theory and scholarship to enhance the student’s clinical work
  • Capacity to assess individual suitability for Group Analytic or other forms of psychotherapy
  • Ability to provide Group Analytic psychotherapy to a professionally appropriate standard
  • Orientation to all aspects of professional practice in the public and/or private sector: an understanding of the core areas of Group Analysis and its application to other fields
  • Development of personal abilities in group settings
  • Increased awareness of ethical practice

* All learning outcomes are subject to change as part of our commitment to quality assurance and training development.

‘marking is fair and consistent, and broadly comparable to that in postgraduate programmes in UK universities.’  

Sasha Roseneil, External Examiner Qualifying Course, Professor and Executive Dean, University of Essex 2017)

Students are assessed through essays and supervision reports

Successful graduates are eligible to become full members of the IGA and to gain professional registration with the UKCP

Trainees said about this course:

"This is a deep-reaching, rigorous, creative and supportive training…The seminar programme is brilliant and we’re covering an immense amount of ground."

"I enjoy the expertise and knowledge of experienced group therapists. I also enjoy the peer group discussions as a lot can be learned from each other."

"Having peer reviews and reviews with the course director are very useful and of value."

"Supervision is brilliantly run at the IGA and I feel well contained by my peer group, my course director, my IGA supervisor and my placement supervisor. It is these concentric circles that offer richness and a variety of perspectives."

"The large group was ‘…complex, difficult, containing, and absolutely essential"

"It is very containing and satisfying when you begin to notice changes in yourself as you progress through the training."

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