National Qualifying Course in Group Analysis

Aims of the Course

This long standing and highly respected course aims to provide students with a fundamental understanding of Group Analytic theory and practice that will enable them to become practising Group Analysts.   The course aims to help students develop a critical and enquiring mind towards psychoanalytic and social theory. These aims are achieved through the tri-partite structure of clinical and theoretical learning; supervised clinical practice and twice weekly or block Group Analysis.

*Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of the history and applications of group analytic and psychoanalytic theory
  • Advanced knowledge of human and relational development from a psychosocial and psychoanalytic perspective
  • Knowledge of the clinical applications of Group Analysis
  • Capacity to understand, reproduce and critically evaluate Group Analytic and psychoanalytic theory
  • Capacity to consider the clinical applications of Group Analytic theory in the light of evidence
  • Capacity to use theory and scholarship to enhance the student’s clinical work
  • Capacity to assess individual suitability for Group Analytic or other forms of psychotherapy
  • Ability to provide Group Analytic psychotherapy to a professionally appropriate standard
  • Orientation to all aspects of professional practice in the public and/or private sector: an understanding of the core areas of Group Analysis and its application to other fields
  • Development of personal abilities in group settings
  • Increased awareness of ethical practice.

 Entry Requirements

  • Completion of an IGA accredited Foundation Course, or equivalent 

  • Students must be in therapy group (block or twice weekly) with an IGA Training Group Analyst for 6 months prior to application

  • Successful completion of Diploma in Group Work Practice

  • Panel interview

  • Satisfactory psychiatric report

Students are assessed through essays and supervision reports

Successful graduates are eligible to become full members of the IGA and to gain professional registration with the UKCP

* All learning outcomes are subject to change as part of our commitment to quality assurance and training development.

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