Using the Group as the Medium of Supervision/Diploma in Supervision Москва 2018/2019


A Collaboration between ANO Psychological Centre ‘Here and Now’, Moscow

 and The Institute of Group Analysis UK


Course Description



S. H. Foulkes and other early Group Analysts used the Group as the Medium of Supervision.


The IGA Diploma in Supervision has developed over the last 20 years.


 “The primary purpose of supervision is to throw light on the therapeutic relationship; its secondary purpose is to enhance the student’s skills as a therapist. In group supervision, it is not only the experience and “know-how” of the supervisor that makes a difference, but the dialogue between colleagues of the supervision group, each of whom has a different perspective on the therapeutic situation.” 
                                                                                                                                                                                        (Behr and Hearst 2005)



This course keeps in mind the importance of the social dimension and a shared authority between supervisor and the group.  There is a focus on mirroring processes where the supervision group reflects aspects of the individual or group being presented in supervision.  The course will provide participants with the opportunity to integrate theory and practice in order to improve their competence as supervisors in a range of settings.





Course Structure



Block Weekend One (25th -27th November 2018)  and Two (15th-17th February 2019) will prepare course members to establish their supervision groups within professional boundaries and to take up their authority as supervisors. 

Block Three (19th-21st April 2019) will consolidate the course members’ experience of running a supervision group and will address any difficult issues arising from this experience.

Block Four  (24th-26th May 2019) will consider the establishment of professional boundaries, distinctions between therapy and supervision & maintaining the supervision group.

Block Five (12th July-14th July 2019) will look at assessment & endings, focussing on the needs of our supervisees, how we encourage, assess, & work with blind spots; how we deal with our concerns regarding their competence.





Supervision of supervision is an important component of the training.  The main focus will be on issues for the supervisor of the supervision group.


Trainees will establish and run their own supervision groups.  Russian supervisors with a Diploma in Supervision, will support them, working with small groups of trainees on a regular basis.


These supervision of supervision groups are an integral part of the course.  Regular attendance is required as part of the course requirement.   Russian supervisors will assess whether supervisees have met the required standard of competence in order to be awarded the Diploma in Supervision.




The Median Group



Each block weekend will contain a median group.  A median group offers students a space to develop their capacity to think and communicate within the group; a chance to process what is happening on the course and to apply learning from the median group experience to the group dynamics of the group(s) they supervise and the organisational contexts in which they work.






Participation in all components of the course is required.  


Self and Peer assessment-During the final block weekend in July time will be spent on self and peer assessment.


The Essay-Participants will write a 5000 word paper to reflect their practice as supervisors and the integration of the learning acquired through the theory seminars, experiential learning and the median group.  This will be assessed by a Panel of Readers made up of Group Analysts with significant supervisory experience.  This Panel will be formed by The International Courses Committee in London.   The closing date for submission is 31st January, 2020.




The Course Convenors: Who we are


Sheila Ritchie is a Training Group Analyst, Supervisor and Teacher on the Institute for Group Analysis Course in London.  She also supervises on the “Using the Group as a Medium for Supervision” course in London.  She works in the National Health Service as a Consultant Group Analyst in a psychotherapy department and as a Perinatal Psychotherapist where she applies group analysis in working with mothers and babies in groups.  First trained as an individual psychoanalytic psychotherapist she has had extensive experience of supervision both individually and in groups as part of different courses and teams in a range of voluntary and statutory organisations.  Sheila also has a private practice where she sees individuals, couples and groups.  She came to St Petersburg to teach on the Diploma course in St Petersburg and as a student some decades ago.  She was co-convenor with Bob Harris for the first “Using the Group as the Medium of Supervision” course held in St Petersburg 2014-5 and with Peter Wilson on the Moscow supervision training in 2016-17.

Valentina Krajnovic  is a senior group analyst, teacher and Training Supervisor of the IGA London Qualifying Course and is Course Convenor of the Foundation Course, which attracts a broad range of students from different cultures who are interested in group analysis:  Valentina supervises the experiential group conductors, conducts the large group and is responsible for organising the programme.  She initiated a new policy of inviting teachers from abroad on the course - Valya Okonova from Novosibirsk spoke about the impact of racism in 2016.

Valentina initially trained as a clinical psychologist in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 1992, she has worked therapeutically and in a supervisory and mentoring role with both individuals and groups, in organisational settings and in private practice.  She has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire and has also supervised work with trauma within the National Health Service, Freedom from Torture and New Art Studio in London.  She supervises people using group analytic, systemic and psychoanalytic reflections, as well as art promoting dialogue to repair the damage done within the individual microcosms as well as the macrocosm of a wider society and different cultures.

Valentina is writing a chapter on transitions, trauma, identity and belonging called: Not in the Air and Not on Earth: On negotiating the states in-between, which is due to be published next year in Chris Rose (Ed.) Walking together: Psychogeography and Psychotherapy, PCCS books.




Further Information



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