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The Diploma in Systemic Leadership and Consulting Practice 

This one-year course is for professionals, who aspire to a step-change in their practice, creating opportunities for self and others, facilitating wisdom and development in organisations, groups and communities.

The training comprises four modules and is organised into eight workshop blocks, two days each, a total of 16 days face-to-face training, self managed learning and experiential assignments.  These modules will invite understanding and skills of systemic leadership and consulting practice, systemic coaching, working with complexity, and organisational development.

The Diploma in Systemic Leadership and Consulting Practice foregrounds how people in organisations contribute, through their interaction, consciously and unconsciously, to the organisational system. The course includes approaches, methods and techniques to attend to communication and coordination patterns and to facilitate insight, agency and choice for the effective and ethical leader and consultant. 

Skills and methods taught on this course are of relevance to the development of relationships between individuals, teams or departments; for organisational learning; the development of strategies, plans and processes; the informing of roles and tasks; the production of goods and services, and so forth. This systemic frame opens up novel and generative ways of working as a systemic leader, consultant and coach.

Systemic approaches to work with organisations originate from the field of Systemic family therapy, Group Analysis and from dialogic approaches to organisation development, stimulating innovative, effective and sustainable responses to organisational dilemmas and development tasks.


Creating Large Group Dialogue in Organisations and Society

An innovative series of connected residential workshops over two years in a beautiful setting close to Gatwick Airport. It’s design allows you to choose your start and end date. Feel free to be in touch if you would like any more information at

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  • Come and live in an ‘enabling environment’ for three days, in a beautiful organic farm study centre in Kent.
  • Learn about the power of group process in a safe and enjoyable way
  • Experience what goes into making any group or working environment genuinely therapeutic

Reflective Practice? Therapeutic Environments?…A Living Learning Experience

'It is widely recognised that RELATIONAL PRACTICE is being lost in the world of bureaucracy, compliance and increased regulation’

‘It gave me greater insight into the frustrations. I returned to work with a determination not to forget this insight.

'Those who are wondering whether or not to apply, my advice is: hesitate no longer’

To book:  Sue Pauley (tel 07815 902049 email  or through our website:



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