Bursary Schemes at the IGA

    For the 2017-18 Core Training Courses

    As a charity, the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) is keen to encourage and support people from a wide range of backgrounds to undertake training in group analysis.

    We have a number of bursary funds, often in memory of one of our members, and are able to offer around 12 bursaries of between £300 and £500 each year to prospective or current students and trainees.

    Please see the table below for information about the bursary funds available and a brief overview of the criteria. More detailed information for each fund can be viewed by linking to the appropriate page, where an application form can also be downloaded.


    IGA Course

    Name of Fund

    Bursaries available

    Foundation Course (London)

    London Foundation Course Fund

    4 bursaries of £250 each

    Foundation Course (all UK courses)

    UK Foundation Course Fund

    1 bursary of £300 and 1 of £250

    Diploma in Groupwork Practice and Qualifying Course

    Ronald Casson Fund

    Up to 5 bursaries of £500 each

    Diploma in Groupwork Practice or Qualifying Course

    Dennis Brown Fund

    1 bursary of £500*

    Qualifying Course or Diploma Course in Scotland

    Marisa Dillon Weston Fund

    3 bursaries of £500 each

    *specifically for students with an interest in intercultural group analysis

    Application forms for bursaries must be received by the Operations Manager via email on office@groupanalysis-uk.co.uk by 31 July 2017. Applications will then be reviewed by the IGA’s Finance Committee. We will aim to inform applicants of the outcome of their applications by 15 September every year.

    Please note that bursaries cannot be applied to the Early Bird Fees for Foundation Courses. The bursary will be applied to full fees only.

    Please note the terms and conditions on the Application Forms.


    Please do not hesitate to contact the IGA National Office on telephone 020 7431 2693 or email office@groupanalysis-uk.co.uk if you require assistance. 

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