Aberdeen Median Group

    Evening Median Group - A Space to think

    The Median Group is a space where people from different spheres of life meet to explore their relationships with their colleagues, organisations and the wider society and find support and understanding through open dialogue. The median group provides an opportunity to reclaim our sense of identity and connectedness in order to find fulfilment as individuals and as members of our community. It is a creative space providing opportunity to ‘sit with' oneself and with others, and to think actively and collectively in a safe and confidential setting. It holds at its heart that developing the art of dialogue with others is crucial for the individual to remain thinking and creative in the context of uncertainty and chaos. 

    When:  Ten Thursday evenings monthly, from Thursday 7th September 2017

    Where: Psychotherapy Department, Upper Garden Villa, RCH 

    Time: 6.00 - 7.30pm

    Cost: £200 for the year (10 groups) - pay in full or two instalments (£100 Sept, £100 Feb)

    How will joining a median group help me?  

    It will provide:

    • An opportunity to belong and be understood
    • A space to think and reflect

    It will also help you:  

    • Develop and Maintain a capacity to think in increasingly complex situations
    • Develop resilience through support and communication
    • Find a voice that can negotiate complex interpersonal and power relationships
    • Challenge your own beliefs and assumptions
    • Address issues of isolation and marginalisation
    • Challenge your own beliefs and assumptions
    • Address issues of isolation and marginalisation
    • Explore barriers to creative thinking
    • Explore difference and address conflict effectively

    Who would benefit from a median group?

    The median group is suitable for anyone who is curious about and interested in understanding how we make sense of the world and manage ourselves in the presence of others. 

    People from all organisations, including the NHS, public, religious, private business and voluntary sectors, would be welcome.

    Dates for Median Group September 2017-2018:

    7 September, 5 October, 2 November, 7 December, 4 January, 1 February, 1 March, 5 April, 3 May & 7 June 

    For further information or to book a place in the group, please contact: ebarclay@nhs.net

    01224 557398 | Psychotherapy Department, Upper Garden Villa, RCH 

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