Who may be helped?

Group analytic psychotherapy may be helpful to those who:

  • Have problems in their relationships with others.
  • Are isolated and find it difficult to make and maintain relationships.
  • Suffer from anxiety, depression and other emotional difficulties.
  • Suffer from work related stress.
  • Need help in coming to terms with painful and traumatic events in their lives
  • Lack self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Feel overwhelmed with life and unable to cope.
  • Have difficulty in dealing with feelings of guilt, shame, frustration and anger, or experience a loss of meaning in their lives.
  • Want to change unfulfilling aspects of their lives.
  • Are interested in personal development and in developing their own creativity.




How to contact us

Alternatively you can use our Find a Therapist search function to contact a therapist or other IGA practitioner directly.

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