Specialist Psychotherapy Group for Doctors

This is a well-established group for doctors who might be experiencing feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, depression or are worried about career progression and lack of personal fulfilment. These feelings could be related either to pressures at work resulting in unhealthy life style, problems with relationships or on-going dissatisfaction with professional matters, or could be due to personal problems intruding on work performance.

The emphasis in the group is the sharing, in a safe and containing setting, of current difficulties with like-minded individuals who have undergone the exacting demands of medical training and are medical practitioners or work in a related field. It allows the participants to take time out from their busy and complex schedules to think with others about previously unexplored aspects of their lives. In the safe space shaped by the group members, conflicting feelings aroused by difficult aspects encountered in clinical practice are addressed.

The group has been found to be is suitable for medical practitioners of any discipline, stage in training or status within the profession.

The group is facilitated by a group analyst who is non directive. It meets once a week on a Tuesday evening from 6.00 to 7.30 pm and is located in London NW3. The number of group members is limited to 8. 

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