National Diversity in Training Working Group

    On the one hand, within the Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapeutic Community, Group Analysts can perhaps be proud of an awareness of and sensitivity to issues of diversity which might be thought to sit integrally at the heart of group analytic theory. For example, the concept of social unconscious processes which pervades much of group analytic theory essentially captures issues of differences in power and incumbent inclusion and exclusion. Indeed, many members originally chose the Group Analytic training precisely because of more radical theoretical underpinnings of this sort which capture issues of diversity in an integrated way rather than as ‘bolt on’ additions.


    On the other hand, in the wider context of mental health and social care trainings, Group Analysis is often correctly perceived and experienced to be exclusive with a culture which has yet to develop a sensitivity to the integral inclusion of students form a range of social and ethnic backgrounds. This suggests that prejudice may reside in the social unconscious of the IGA. It is true that many students on our courses are white, middle class and heterosexual as they are on other analytic psychotherapy trainings. Little changes despite discussions over recent years with students and members, and despite ongoing nodding, sometimes guilty agreement about the monoculture within the IGA. The IGA needs to reflect 21st Century Britain in all its diversity. As part of the work of the National Training Management Committee this National Diversity in Training Working Group will take action to begin to address this intransigent culture around diversity in the IGA and start to make much needed changes.

    The working group will include members and students. For further information please contact Sarah Tucker, National Director of Training

    Diversity in Training Working Group June 2018

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