Art Exhibitions at the IGA


The IGA has a rolling programme of art exhibitions throughout the year. 

We send out calls to artists inviting submissions approximately every 6 months.

If you wish to express your interest in exhibiting between the call to artists then please contact providing the details below:

- Name, email, mobile
- Type of artwork you wish to exhibit (provide 3 photos)
- Approximate size of artworks
- Approximate dates you/your artwork would be available to exhibit
- Quantity of artworks available for an exhibition

NB Please read the guidelines carefully before you contact us.



Art Exhibition Guidelines

- The IGA has space for 25-35 artworks depending on their sizes.  We sometimes make co-exhibition with 2 artists sharing the space.

- The exhibition spaces are two corridors and the main lobby.  Although we have artwork in the rooms these are not part of the exhibition space. This is because one of the  multi-functional usages of IGA’s rooms is therapy which generally means that the décor needs to be static.

- We want to exhibit your artwork to its advantage, in the best possible way.

- Due to the size of the exhibition space, ie fairly narrow corridors, it is difficult to exhibit large artwork along the corridors because large artworks usually need more distance to be fully appreciated.  However, in the lobby and at the end of one of the corridors there is space for different sizes of large artwork.  Out of the 25-35 artworks 5 pieces should be various large sizes. 

- Artists, or ‘agents’ if the artworks are provided by an art organisation/group, are expected to hang their artwork.  The IGA does not hang artwork. 

- The IGA has fitted picture rails and provide the picture hooks that fit onto the picture rail.  Artists and agents need to provide the fishing line to hang the artwork. 

- T
he IGA does not charge for hosting exhibitions.  The IGA may be in agreement with holding a private view which will be agreed on a case by case basis.

- The IGA is in agreement with processing payment for artwork sold.  The artist provides the IGA with an invoice for the agreed price minus the admin charge.

- The IGA asks for 10% of all sales of artwork exhibited at the IGA, regardless of how payment is processes.

- The artist provides information; artist profiles, art work info, pricing etc and the IGA produces a catalogue for the private view.

- The artist insures their art work whilst it is exhibited at the IGA.  The IGA is unable to cover theft and damage.




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