Mission Statement


To develop the creative potential in individuals, groups and society through group analysis.  


To promote the theory and practice of group analysis in the UK and internationally. 

To relieve mental distress of individuals through the clinical application of group analysis.

To increase the well-being and functioning of individuals, groups and organisations through education in the principles and method of group analysis. 

To maintain the IGA as one of the leading national and international psychotherapy training organisations. 

To promote continuing professional development for members of the IGA.


To strive for the highest standards in all IGA courses, trainings and in clinical practice.

To value difference and creativity of individuals and groups and to oppose unjust discrimination.

To develop and maintain structures and policies for sound governance of the IGA and for upholding ethical behaviour by members.

To ensure democratic principles operate at all levels within the organisation.  

To ensure transparency of decision-making and to regularly communicate with members to maintain accountability of officers and others with delegated authority.

To adapt and change where necessary to respond to the changing social, political, legal and regulatory environment within which the IGA operates.

To regularly review and appraise the performance of the IGA and to include all our stakeholders in this process.  

The IGA actively pursues a policy promoting equal opportunities and accessibility. We oppose discrimination and encourage an understanding of difference and cultural diversity.  

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