Group Analysis in the 21st Century - Study Series

    Confluence and Collaboration: Group Analysis in the 21st Century


    Friday evenings, from Oct 2017 to July 2018 at the Institute of Group Analysis, London NW3 5BY


    The IGA, in partnership with Psychotherapy Excellence and GASi, is excited to present this innovative study series featuring interviews with seven of our most influential Group Analysts.

    Speakers include: Dr Gwen Adshead, Dr Earl Hopper, Sue Einhorn, Dr Marina Mojović, Dr Rex Haigh, Dr Farhad Dalal and Dr Morris Nitsun


    This innovative study series looks at the philosophical and social implications of Group Analysis and its practical applications in the 21st century. It was first introduced as an online webcast series and has evolved to a seven-part event series, where each event will be attended by one of the filmed Group Analysts. We will watch their filmed interview together followed by a large group facilitated by the speaker.

    Group Analysis in the 21st Century – The webcast series:
    A confluence of psychoanalytic, sociological and neuro-scientific ideas found expression through SH Foulkes in the mid-20th century when he began the work of developing the theory and practice of Group Analysis. These ideas have subsequently been adopted worldwide and Group Analysis is increasingly applied both as a method of clinical treatment and also as a means of developing and supporting a wide range of psychosocial interventions. These notions of confluence and collaboration remain at the heart of the group analytic understanding of the social self; the self that experiences and is part of the flux and flow of the socio-historical, and psycho-social forces that constitute the whole. Martin Weegman and Sue Einhorn explore these notions with a number of leading group analysts in this fascinating webcast series.

    For full information on the webcast series, see the Psychotherapy Excellence website


    Event programme (Friday evenings, 6:30 – 9:00 PM)

    Date Topic Presented by

    13 October 2017 Group Analysis in Forensic Settings Dr Gwen Adshead

    17 November 2017 Social Unconscious Processes in Group Analysis Dr Earl Hopper

    16 February 2018 Group Analysis and Gender Sue Einhorn

    20 April 2018 Group Analysis and the Legacy of War in Community Dr Marina Mojović

    11 May 2018 Group Analysis in Therapeutic Communities Dr Rex Haigh

    15 June 2018 Group Analysis and Racialisation Dr Farhad Dalal

    6 July 2018 Desire and Sexuality in Group Analysis Dr Morris Nitsun

    Ticket fees, per event

    IGA students / members     £15.00
    Public fee  £17.50

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