Our (Human) Nature – Private View and Talk

Private View of “Inspired by Nature” with artists Lindsey Graham and Sunnie Kanani and Talk on Environmental Awareness: Re-Calibrating the Compass and Telling New Stories by Sarah Deco

Friday 26th May 2017, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Institute of Group Analysis, London NW3 5BY

For IGA’s Summer Exhibition and Private View we welcome artists Sunnie Kanani and Lindsey Graham, who are sharing with us their wonderful collections on the theme “Inspired by Nature”. Collections that are vibrant yet gentle, comforting and with a feeling of vulnerability, just as nature itself. Their works remind us of how nature is both resilient and exposed, and that it relies on humans to respect and care for it appropriately.

Following the private view Sarah Deco will ask if our difficulty in rising to the challenge of the environmental crisis we are facing is influenced by unhelpful narratives that weave through our current culture. In Group Analytic therapy we aim to understand individual distress in the context of family, society, history and culture. But perhaps we need to widen the scope and awareness further and see ourselves also in relation to the natural world and the other species we live alongside. How might environmental awareness influence the scope and aims of therapy? What new myths and narratives might aid us to re-calibrate our cultural compass. Or could perhaps ancient myths and stories help us find a way through our current crisis?


6:00 pm    Private Viewing 
6:40 pm    Meet the Artists followed by Talk by Sarah Deco
7:15 pm    Refreshment break
7:30 pm    Large Group
9:00 pm    End



IGA Members/Students     £10
Public     £15

Please note that if you only wish to attend the Private View this is free of charge, but please book a place.
The fee covers attendance at the Meet the Artists, Talk, the ‘Large Group’ and light refreshments.

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Sarah Deco is an art therapist, IGA Group Analyst and professional storyteller. She is interested in the cultural and psychological aspects of our relationship to the natural world. She is a member of the executive committee of the Climate Psychology Alliance.

Lindsey Graham
Artist Printmaker

Working mainly in collagraph, etching and linocut, Lindsey is inspired by nature and the human face and love the serendipity of printmaking processes.

She is a member of Beds, Bucks & Herts Print Society, Buckingham Artists, Buckinghamshire Art Society and Leicester Printmakers.  As Honorary President of Buckingham Art for All (Bafa), which she helped set up in 2008, she Co-ordinates the Bafa Printmakers Network and Bafa Art Trail; both of which she initiated.

Exhibiting internationally she enjoys the discipline of creating miniprints and achieved a Higher Professional Diploma in Printmaking with distinction in 2008.


Sunnie Kanani

Graduating with a Fine Art (Hons) degree in 1999, Sunnie launched into the realm of the abstract world, specialising in oil, oil/mixed media and encaustic wax.

Her paintings are inspired by the emotional response to our simplest natural surroundings, and their ability to bring us to an inner stillness.

‘Often, colours smells and certain places remind us of something that we
can’t quite remember. The swaying of the trees in the wind, the clouds
across the shades of the blue sky, the cracks in the pavement or the way the
moon brightens the waves of the ocean. And while we try to remember, a 
space of no-mind is uncovered. And we are silent.’
Sunnie Kanani


Sunnie exhibits and sells work nationally and internationally, to include Grand Designs in London, New York Chelsea Art Show and Miami Art Fair; and paints to commission.

‘I realise that the captivating quality which can only be found in an original  piece of artwork, is the spirit of the artist. Every brushstroke, colour, texture and design exudes the patience, frustrations and diligence of its creator.’



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