To Be(long) or Not to Be(long) - Isolation in Society

Private View Art Show and Large Group

Friday 21st April 2017, 6:00 PM - 9:15 PM
Institute of Group Analysis, London NW3 5BY

We are delighted to invite you to the second Join-the-Debate Art Exhibition of 2017, which includes a Private View, talk by the artists, and a ‘large group’. The art works displayed provoke many questions; Is belonging or not belonging a dilemma for society or for the individual? Is there an inherent cultural structure that excludes and isolates some people? Does belonging inevitably invoke the opposite, not belonging?

The event will be convened by Teresa von Sommaruga Howard, IGA Group Analyst. We will be showing works from several artists, including Katie Barnsley, David Crawford, Claudia Harding, J. R. Lopez, Ken Sachar, Taran Purwaha, Izzi Ramsay, Gisela Schutt and Anneghem Wall. More information below.


18:00 Private Viewing
18:45 Talks and Q&A with the Artists and Convenor Teresa von Sommaruga Howard
19:30 Break and light refreshments
19:45 Large Group on ‘Isolation in Society’ convened by Teresa von Sommaruga Howard
21:15 End



IGA Members/Students     £9
Public     £12

Light refreshments (juice, wine and nibbles) are included in the ticket price.

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Teresa’s life was prefigured by many cultural influences. Born in England of a German Jewish refugee father and British non-Jewish mother, with whom she immigrated to New Zealand as a child, she is inevitably sensitive to not be (longing). 

She is a registered architect who worked in social housing and trained as a systemic family therapist.  An honorary Member of the Institute of Group Analysis, she has specific expertise conducting median and large groups, and social dreaming matrices. 

Teresa has written extensively about the application of large group ideas. She co-authored Design through Dialogue: A Guide for Architects and Clients (Wiley, 2010) with Karen A. Franck, which illustrates the benefits of designers working with future occupants.


Katie is an emerging young artist based in Nottingham. She is studying fine art, art textiles and photography at the West Bridgford School and has been accepted to study fine art at Edinburgh College of Art. She has a particular interest in installation photography and sculpture. She enjoys expressing her feelings and opinions through her work. 

This selection of photographs is from her mental health collection and is inspired by the increase in young people given psychiatric diagnostic labels. Influences include the personal experiences of friends and her mother who is a group analyst and psychiatrist.

Previous exhibitions include the Gallery Art Group summer exhibition, June 2015 at Lakeside Arts Centre, The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Society of Artists, Friar Lane Gallery Autumn Exhibition, September 2016. She has also won the Young Person’s Visual Arts Award at Lady Bay Arts Festival and been commissioned in 2017, to create an oil painting with the theme of Nottingham Lace.

David is a full-time lens based artist utilising photographic and film processes for his art. On occasion, he works as a photographic consultant on bespoke pieces of commercial photography.

After graduating from Art College with a Fine Art BA (Hons) degree way back in 1987, David initially specialised in Professional Fine Art Portraiture Photography. He has continued to hone his photographic expertise over the years e.g. undertaking further master class training with a leading London based Photographer and working alongside other internationally renowned Fine Artists. His artwork is currently held in numerous private collections.

Born in Reading, Berkshire, Claudia Harding moved to Dagenham in 1993 to study BA Psycho Social Studies at the University of East London, who were pioneers of this course. Claudia did not complete her degree at this time and instead embarked on a Diploma in Addiction Counselling with Rapt (Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust).  She worked at HMP Pentonville, then became Acting Manager of a 12 Step Treatment programme at HMP Wandsworth. She attended Lambeth College in 2002, completing the (CPCAB) Advanced Certificate in Consultancy Supervision and the IGA Foundation Course in Group Analysis in 2003.

In 2005 having now graduated in BA (Hons) Psycho Social Studies, she worked at the BBC for the next four years in television production. Living back in Reading, she became the Alcohol Misuse Lead at HMP Reading and YOI in 2010. Following this, she joined Berkshire Complex Needs service in 2013 working at Winterbourne Therapeutic Community. She trained as a Mentalization Based Therapy Practitioner at the Anna Freud Centre and completed the IGA Diploma in Group Work Practice in 2016. Following a restructuring of the Berkshire Complex Needs service in 2015, Claudia currently works in IMPACTT (Intense Management of Personality Disorder and Clinical Therapies Team) delivering MBT therapy to patients with Borderline Personality Disorder.

J. R. Lopez occupies a world filled with dusty books, niche music and interesting conversations. He longs for the invention of a mind reading device, (the 'Mind-O-Matic 3000'... it would probably be called), to better convey his thoughts and ideas onto canvas. Until such time he uses his humble skills to approximate his vision, with paper and glue, acrylic and brush and even digital video. Considering that the only event of individual importance, our time of birth and death, represents a brief scission of existence, he hopes that whatever he creates can transcend this limit through its relations with others. He was born in the mid 1970's and grew up in Cambridge, England.  After completing a degree in philosophy and literature he worked in public affairs for over a decade... an utter waste of time. 

Taran Purwaha studies art. He wants to study fashion at university. He is alone a lot of the time. Taran likes listening to music, he knows that numbers mean something because of the use of math in daily life. Taran likes to smoke a lot of marijuana and take a lot of drugs whenever possible. 

After taking her degree in Photography (B.A. Hons) Izzi taught at various colleges and community centres. She set up B4 Studios in London with photographic studios, darkrooms and a gallery. Teaching photography helped her to appreciate its therapeutic benefits upon the various groups she worked with, leading her to train as an Art Psychotherapist at Goldsmiths College. Izzi has subsequently worked both with individuals and groups, in mental health, oncology and bereavement. She provides support for women and families through engaging with the therapeutic capacity of art and photography, enabling creative expression and healing. 

She is interested in the dynamics of the relationship between the audience, the work and the gallery in providing a 'potential space' for creativity and encouraging what D.W. Winnicott refers to as a 'facilitating environment'. The use of text has been an integral part of her work. 

Ken was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa where he studied Psychology. He married and came to UK in 1978 where he continued these studies before going into business. In his later life he started to learn to make art and found he had some aptitude and continued to study at the Hampstead School of Art and Heatherley’s School. He paints, mainly in oils, sculpts in clay and carves stone. 

Ken’s 2D work started with Life drawing and painting but now varies in subject matter, on occasion news and current affairs are the roots from different media, or he captures an image of interest on his phone. In sculpture he started with clay, mostly from Life but lately he has been making animals based on photographs and then carves stylised forms of these in soapstone. He also works in dialogue with the stone to form abstract pieces. 

Recent exhibitions: 2014 Art House LJCC; 2015 SWLA Mall Galleries, Chelsea Art Society; 2016 Chelsea Art Society 

Gisela started as a naive painter concentrating on little magical stories with the help of animals, fools, angels and lovers, and is inspired by Rumi and mystical poems. She joined the Association of British Naive Artist (ABNA) after attending several classes with the pupils of the mystical painter Cecil Collins, who developed a teaching style to paint directly from the centre, which made her become more freewheeling. She has had solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Wales and London.

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