Residential Programme


A two-year residential professional development programme – from January 2018 to October 2019

The day will come when whole communities and nations will deal with their affairs in this way. 
- SH Foulkes, founder of Group Analysis (1975)

Since Patrick de Maré began his pioneering study of large groups at the IGA in the 1970s it has become clear that real dialogue in a large group can release enormous potential for individual and collective creativity. 

This has been demonstrated in management consultancy, management development/training, peace negotiation, prisons, local government, community architecture, schools, higher education, therapeutic communities, reflective citizens projects, youth and community work and in psychotherapy training.

Over the last 40 years the IGA has developed an Organisational Consultancy Section and a series of seminars in Management and Leadership, and jointly with the University of Hertfordshire, MA and PhD courses in Management.

This course is the first formal training bringing together the potential of the large group with our work on management and leadership. It will not only enable participants to facilitate dialogue in any setting but it will also place them at the leading edge of sophisticated approaches to management and organisational development. 

Key Facts

Course convenors: Teresa von Sommaruga Howard (UK) with Göran Ahlin (Sweden) and Mike Tait (UK)

Roffey Park Institute, Forest Road, Horsham, West Sussex. RH12 4TB

Course Fees: 
From £1,800 per year (excl. £300 registration fee)

Full board/accommodation cost: £324 per weekend (incl. VAT)

Initial weekend: 19-21 January 2018


Our aim is to make this course inspirational and transformative. Learning will be through seminars and group experiences each weekend, and through live ‘action research’ based on each participant’s own working or living environment.


By the crowd they have been broken; by the crowd they shall be healed.
L. Cody Marsh (1933)

We live in a time of growing global 'crisis' that includes economic collapse, unemployment, increasing youth suicide, homelessness, forced migration, environmental destruction, war, aftermath of colonisation and organisational ‘terrorism’.  These dilemmas are so overwhelming that they are often met with what John Dryzek, an Australian political scientist, refers to as survivalism. This is a response based on past experiences: ‘First Order Change’ (Watzlawick et al).

These awesome problems face us with the need to develop our capacity to embrace and mobilise the inspired potential of larger group processes. 

This course is designed to enable people, with skills and knowledge in their own discipline, to develop new skills that will enable them to confidently open the space for dialogue in diverse collective settings enabling new, more appropriate responses to be found: ‘Second Order Change’ solutions.  


Anyone from any background wishing to include people in decision-making, peace-making, consultation processes, bridging racial, cultural and religious divides, or tackling local or global challenges.

If you are working in a school or higher education, local government, prison or probation service, social work or trade union, with youth and community development, as a management consultant, in a therapeutic community, or struggling to survive in the NHS, or as clergy, politician or civil servant, you can expect this course to give you quite new perspectives.


Roffey Park, one of the foremost colleges for management training in the UK set in beautiful countryside only 15 minutes by taxi from Gatwick airport or 20 minutes from Victoria, an hour from London Bridge or Blackfriars by train. The course will be residential with accommodation and all meals. A separate fee payable to Roffey Park covers residential expenses.


YEAR 1: 19-21 January 2018; 9-11 March 2018; 11-13 May 2018; 20-22 July 2018; 
12-14 October 2018 
YEAR 2: 18-20 January 2019; 8-10 March 2019; 3-5 May 2019; 19-21 July 2019; tbc October 2019

Start and finish times, 16.30 on Friday to 15.30 on Sunday, are designed to encourage participation from anywhere in the UK, Europe and beyond.


Registration Fee: £300 (non-refundable)

YEAR 1: £1,800 if paid in full by 28th August 2017 - £2,000 thereafter (full payment due 28th December 2017)
YEAR 2: £1,800 if paid in full by 28th August 2018 - £2,000 thereafter (full payment due 28th December 2018)

Payment plan: £2,250 per year, £4,500 in total = 6 instalments of £750 by 28.12.17, 28.03.18, 28.06.18, 28.09.18, 28.12.18, 28.03.19 and 28.06.19


£324 (incl. VAT) per weekend for 10 weekends over 2 years payable in addition to delegate fees (please book and pay directly with the hotel, contact information will be distributed by the IGA).


Please contact Teresa von Sommaruga Howard on


Students will be expected to join the course to develop their own thinking and to extend their capacity to facilitate dialogue in a variety of contexts.

The course is framed around an experiential Median Group and this will be a constant feature, the place to make sense of one’s own work, the learning and experience of the course.  On most weekends a different lecturer will be invited to take part on the Saturday to introduce students to a specialist area and to follow up with them in one seminar and two group consultations.

Students will also be encouraged to take part in any of the following large group experiences to enable them to have live experience of the large group conducted group analytically such as the GASi Symposium, GASi Summer School, GASi Quarterly Members’ Group in London and IGA Quarterly Members’ Group in Edinburgh, IAGP regional and or Congress large groups or similar.

STAFF (Click on links for CV's)

Convenor: Teresa von Sommaruga Howard with Göran Ahlin and Mike Tait

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Note: A registration fee of £300 is payable on completing the online registration form. At this stage you will also be given the option to pay the full fee for Year 1 in addition to the registration fee at a total of £2,100. Please note the full fee is not due upon registration and that the payment can be arranged at a later date as there are various options for payment. We will be in touch with more information later.

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